Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels is a travel guide about the best Marrakesh’s boutique hotels and luxury riads. This page is about the Noir d'Ivoire hotel located in the medina quarter of Marrakech.

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Pure charm hotel Le Riad Monceau is one of the best Marrakesh’s boutique hotels

Guide of the best boutique hotels and charm riads located in the Marrakech's medina neighbourhood

Surrounded by its famous walls, and built around the equally famous Djemaa El Fna square, the Medina of Marrakech is undoubtedly the city's most typical and most surprising quarter. This is without doubt the place to stay to discover the "real" Marrakech!
With hundreds of riads - from the most simple guesthouse to the most luxurious palace - the medina is also a neighbourhood where one can find the best as well as the worst, some riads owners not hesitating to improvise themselves as "hoteliers" without any permission. It is therefore highly recommended to choose hotels with well-established reputation as they are the only one that will meet for sure all your expectations.
The addresses listed here are simply the best ; many have already been operating for 10 years and more and have set themselves as Marrakech-must-stay places. All have a great location in the medina which is an essential selection criterion in this neighbourhood.

Riad Noir d'Ivoire

Marrakech medina, Bab Doukkala neighbourhood

Le riad Noir d'Ivoire à Marrakech

In an exceptional architecture combining Moroccan tradition and very high level European comfort, you will discover an elegant and discreet place where everything is designed for your well-being and enjoyment. Soberly, but sumptuously decorated, it offers a cozy and relaxing comfort and a gentle and kind welcome.

Hotel description

  • The hotel has 2 double rooms, 2 junior suites, 2 suites and 3 master suites ;
  • Wifi, satellite TV, minibar, heater, A/C, telephone, full en-suite bathrooms... ;
  • central courtyard with pool ;
  • library, lounges, gym, terrace with sun loungers ;
  • the hotel has a bar and a restaurant.

Please check the official hotel website for further details and updated information.

Why choose riad Noir d'Ivoire ?

  • For the refinement of its amenities that makes this hotel an excellent compromise between luxury hotel and boutique ;
  • For the calm of the facility which is located in the maze of alleyways of the medina, away from tourist flows.

Keep in mind

Located in the lean and popular district of Bab Doukkala riad Noir d'Ivoire is not directly accessible by car. The main attractions are approx. 15 minutes away.

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