Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels is a travel guide about the best Marrakesh’s boutique hotels and luxury riads. This page is a presentation of the different districts of Marrakesh. It also shows a useful map of Marrakesh.

Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels
Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels - Travel guide about the best Marrakesh’s charm/luxe hotels and riads
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Pure charm hotel Le Riad Monceau is one of the best Marrakesh’s boutique hotels

Choosing an accommodation in Marrakech: the different districts of Marrakech.

Marrakech is a city with many faces and, whether you stay in the palm grove, in the Hivernage or in the historic center (medina), your experience will be very different. It is therefore important to, first of all, identify the different neighborhoods and then, having determined the one you think is best for your stay in Marrakech, locate carefully the hotels that might interest you.

Street map of Marrakech - the different boroughs of Marrakech

The Marrakech's medina : historic center and vibrating heart of the Imperial City

Surrounded by its famous walls, and developed around the equally famous Djemaa El Fna, the Marrakech's medina is the historical center of the city. This is where you find the souks, museums (Madrasa Ben Youssef, Dar Si Said, Bahia Palace,...) and, embedded in the maze of narrow streets, the famous Marrakech’s riads without which Marrakech would not be. .. Marrakech! It should also be noted in connection with the above that "true riads" only exist - by definition - in the medina, even though lots of new hotels do not hesitate to call themselves "riads” - for obvious business reasons - even when they are located ... in the countryside!

By their architecture and location the Marrakech’s riads have the advantage of offering a complete immersion in the city and therefore guarantee a total change a few hours flight away from Europe. The medina is therefore the preferred area to discover the true Marrakech and its people.

One should nevertheless be aware that culture shock can be severe, as the overheated narrow streets of the medina, crowded with strollers, carts, carriages, bicycles, mopeds, and other mules form an ambience that is definitely endearing, but sometimes a little claustrophobic too, and certainly far from what Westerners may know in their sanitized cities!

Staying in the medina therefore implies a certain mind openness and a willingness to soak up the ambient atmosphere.

Whatever your choice – small family guesthouse or luxury riad - once the decision to stay in the medina, you must attach great importance to the location of your hotel.

The old city takes the shape of a huge maze, much of which is accessible only on foot. The more you sink into the depths of the city the more you can find cheap riads but that are only accessible through a long walk in the tiniest streets which can be potentially disturbing, especially at night. Note that most hotels describe their establishment as being "close to Jemaa El Fna, " or "a few minutes from the square" which does not always conform to reality. It is your responsibility to take the time to pinpoint riads on a map, and assess their actual distance from the square or from a major access point.

Considering that this is a prerequisite for a successful stay in the medina, riads and hotels selected by Charm & Chic Hotels all have a prime location very close to the Djemaa El Fna like the famous Riad Monceau (ideal for walks in the old city and visits to the main points of interest) or near a gate (which can be useful especially if you are golfers and want to make frequent trips by taxi).

The Hivernage quarter: chic and residential, the « South Kensington » of Marrakech

Although not far from the Old Town the Hivernage quarter offers a radically different view of Marrakech. Here, no narrow alleys crowded with mules and mopeds, but broad avenues lined with trees, luxury hotels, and fashionable terraces. It is a quiet and bourgeois district but the area can also comes alive at night, particularly in the areas where some of the most prominent addresses of the Marrakchia nights are concentrated.

This is an area that can be a good compromise between the bustling Medina and the distant palm grove. Better be aware however that here the very large tourist hotels dominate and the small and charming places are very rare.

The Palm Grove quarter : extravagant villas and jet set parties

At the risk of disappointing, the famous palm grove of Marrakech has lost much of its luster over the years (drought, uncontrolled property developments) and the image of the green oasis that some may have in mind is only today a distant memory.

The fact remains that the palm grove conceals treasures which you can get a glimpse if you stay in one of the sumptuous villas that lie behind the high mud walls that line the roads without giving any hint of the splendors that they contain.

It's the neighborhood of billionaires and show business movie stars but there are also a number of vacation clubs (ClubMed.) and wonderful guest houses combining 1001 nights decors and sweet life style (most of these villas have magnificent pools).

It should however be noted that the Marrakech palm grove covers an area between 8 and 12 miles from downtown and that commuting may therefore quickly be a major concern - and a major budget item. Staying in the palm grove of Marrakech is not necessarily the best choice if your priority is to explore the city. Conversely it can be a great choice if you are golfer and intend to devote most of your stay in this sport. In all cases it will be necessary to ensure the hotel policy about transfers and shuttles to and from downtown.

Other districts of Marrakech

The Gueliz quarter

Gueliz is the modern area, also said the European quarter of Marrakech. Located outside the ramparts, it is the district of the offices, shops, restaurants, that is to say, more generally, the daily life of Marrackchis and, in particular, Westerners who live in Marrakech. Very few quality hotels in this area and staying there is of little interest. It is nice however come strolling in the evening or come and go shopping if you miss Zara and other Promod’s.

The Agdal tourist area

Area of recent creation, it is a vast place outside the city dedicated to future tourism developments: large resorts, but also shopping centers, golf courses, major real estate projects and so on. Not a place for small luxury and charm hotels

Some advice from the experience :

- you come for 3 or 4 days and you do not know the city: the riads in the medina are for you! This type of accommodation guarantees an immediate and total change, and staying in the very heart of the old town will allow you to visit the Old Marrakech very easily and access most of the various tourist attractions on foot ;

- you come for 3 or 4 days, you already know the town a little and you mainly want to relax: the Hivernage can be a good option ; you'll be quieter than in the medina and you can relax by beautiful pools while being able to easily access the historical center and the Gueliz district (modern district of Marrakesh) ;

- you are coming for a full week: it means you have plenty of time and therefore the ideal may be to split your stay into 2 parts: discovery / immersion consisting of 3 or 4 days in the heart of the medina and then 3 or 4 days for some relaxation in a nice hotel with swimming pool in the palm grove ;

- you are golfers: as you probably already know the main golf courses of Marrakech are in, or near, the palm grove so you'll probably be well advised to focus, for obvious practical reasons, a hotel of this sector.

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