Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels is a travel guide about Marrakesh’s best boutique hotels and luxury riads. This page gives full about Ksar Char Bagh hotel located in the palm grove of Marrakech.

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Guide of the best boutique hotels located in the Marrakech's palm grove neighbourhood

At the risk of disappointing, the famous palm grove of Marrakech has lost much of its luster over the years (drought, uncontrolled property developments) and the image of the green oasis that some may have in mind is only today a distant memory.
The fact remains however that the palm grove conceals treasures which you can get a glimpse if you stay in one of the sumptuous villas that lie behind the high mud walls that line the roads without giving any hint of the splendors that they contain.
It should however be noted that the Marrakech palm grove covers an area between 8 and 12 miles from downtown and that commuting may therefore quickly be a major concern - and a major budget item. Staying in the palm grove of Marrakech is not necessarily the best choice if your priority is to explore the city. Conversely it can be a great choice if you are golfer and intend to devote most of your stay in this sport.
In all cases it will be necessary to ensure the hotel policy about transfers and shuttles to and from downtown.

Ksar Char-Bagh

Marrakech Palm Grove

Ksar Char-bagh Marrakech

Listed among the finest hotels in the world Ksar Char-Bagh welcomes you in a park of 10 acres including, inter alia, a 37 yard lengh pool. Offering an enjoyable combination of extraordinary Eastern tradition of hospitality and International luxury this property is one of the flagships of the Relais & Chateaux in Morocco.


  • The hotel has 1 appartement and 12 Harims (suites) of different categories with private gardens or terraces and - for some of them - private pools ;
  • Wifi, satellite TV, minibar, heater, A/C, telephone, full en-suite bathrooms... ;
  • fabulous park with 37 yard lengh pool, tennis courts, garden, olive grove, kitchen garden, farm,... ;
  • shop, hammam, lounges, massage rooms, gym, pool tables, smoking room ;
  • the hotel has a bar and a gourmet restaurant (french cuisine).

Please check the official hotel website for further details and updated information.

Why choose Ksar Char Bagh ?

  • For the beauty of the place and the high level of the services guaranteed by the Relais & Chateaux label ;
  • For the easy access to various golf courses in Marrakech if you come to practice this sport.

Keep in mind

As for all establishments located in the palm grove trips to and from the city of Marrakech have to be done by taxi or shuttle that can generate significant costs to consider when making your reservation.

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